Simple automated web requests with Automation Workshop v6.2

Automation Workshop v6.2.0 introduces the Use web content feature that enables you to use contents from a file or page that is automatically downloaded from a website. It allows you to use raw HTML or extract plain text from the HTML file.

Use web content

Version 6.2.0 also introduces 4 new Actions to:

Adjust automated variables

Variable Wizard has been greatly improved. It allows you to make quick in-place value adjustments without adding additional Actions to your workflows. You can trim whitespaces, find/replace numbers or text, and change text capitalization—all this right from Variable Wizard. But wait… there’s more… a new Characters category, the Freeform text feature, UNIX epoch time, and a lot more improvements.

We also have updated our cloud and networking engines. The Remove Folder Action is retrying folder removal automatically, the Show Message Action can display maximized dialog windows, and many more

Download the latest version from our website and check our YouTube channels: Demos and Tutorials.