Automation Workshop 8.1.0: Revolutionizing Remote File Management and Workflow Control

Automation Workshop v8.1.0 has arrived, bringing powerful new FTP & Cloud Actions to streamline remote file management. With enhanced workflow control, improved user interface, and optimized performance, this update takes automation to new heights. Discover how the latest features can transform your workflow efficiency today.

Automation Workshop v8.0 is available

Automation Workshop v8.0.0 is now available for download. This major release includes:

  • Performance Profiles
  • Ensure Remote Directory Action
  • Initial support for Windows Server 2025
  • And much more… view the complete version history.

Performance Profiles
Performance Profiles allow you to optimize the performance of your resource-intensive workflows. Conversely, when an automated Task needs to run in the background, you can select the lowest profile to minimize system resource usage. Performance Profiles adjust CPU, disk, and memory priorities for your workflows.

Ensure Remote Directory Action
Version 8 introduces the Ensure Remote Directory Action, which combines the functionality of the If Remote Directory, Create Remote Directory, and Remove Remote Directory Actions into a single Action. This Action ensures that a directory exists or is absent on a remote FTP or cloud server and can clear the directory by removing any files or subdirectories.

Additional Enhancements
This major update also includes numerous bug fixes, such as distinguishing between local and domain usernames, correctly handling leap day (February 29), and improved whitespace trimming.

The Automation Workshop Agent has been refined to address edge cases in the Windows shell where a tray icon could temporarily block automated Tasks. We have also enhanced the search feature across the website and Automation Workshop suite, allowing you to quickly find your Task files and articles both locally and online.

With over 50 significant improvements, not including smaller tweaks, this update ensures a more efficient and reliable automation experience. Download Automation Workshop from our website and upgrade today!

Introducing Automation Workshop v7.6.0

We are excited to announce the release of Automation Workshop v7.6.0. This latest version brings a series of improvements and fixes to enhance the functionality and security of our automation solution.

Key updates include enhancements to our FTP & Cloud engine, refined Task instance handling, and upgraded internet protocols. We have also streamlined communication with the Automation Workshop Agent and improved user interface behaviors for an even smoother experience. Upgrade to version 7.6.0 today and elevate your automated workflows to the next level.

Redefining Efficiency: Discover What’s New in Automation Workshop v7.5.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of version 7.5 of our Automation Workshop. This update is packed with new features, fixes, and improvements, all designed to streamline your experience and enhance productivity.

What’s New?

Folder Actions Redefined: Discover the convenience of our new Folder Actions – Ensure Folder and Wait for Folder. The Ensure Folder Action is a game-changer, combining the functionalities of creating, removing, and checking folders into one seamless Action. The Wait for Folder Action expands your possibilities, allowing conditional waits for folders on both local drives and network shares.
Multi-triggering and Remote Trigger Manager: We’ve introduced a multi-triggering feature for a more intuitive Variable Wizard experience, making variable data access as easy as with individual Triggers. The Remote Trigger Manager is another highlight, offering a comprehensive view of Triggers (with execution dates and detailed information) on your remote machines.

Key Fixes

We’ve made significant fixes to ensure consistent behavior of Tasks with multiple Task Scheduler Triggers. Large file handling in the Synchronize Folders Action is now more accurate for files that are larger than 4GB. Additionally, various text-related Actions and the Terminate App Action have seen improvements for smoother operation.

User Interface and Service Enhancements

  • The Automation Workshop interface has undergone impactful changes for a more user-friendly experience. Remote Log Manager is now conveniently located in the Remote Tools menu, and the Task Wizard now offers a flicker-free experience on slower servers.
  • We’ve strengthened our Service engine, addressing potential numerical overflows and ensuring compatibility with previous versions. This means smoother transitions and consistent functionality, even when downgrading.
  • The Trigger and Queue Managers now provide more detailed insights, enhancing your monitoring capabilities. Our workflow canvas (Actions tab) has also seen significant upgrades, with a revamped context menu and new viewing options for a more efficient workflow management.
  • The update also includes numerous refinements in Actions, Variable Wizard adjustments, and UI/UX improvements. We’ve also made changes to the Remove Partial Text Action for better clarity.
  • And much more…

We are always committed to delivering software that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Upgrade to version 7.5 and experience these fantastic new features and improvements firsthand!

New Languages on Our Website Along with Automation Workshop v7.5

With the release of Automation Workshop v7.5, we are excited to announce the addition of four new language options to our website: Luxembourgish, Danish, Greek, and Swahili. This expansion brings the total number of languages available on our website to over 20. Additionally, we have enhanced the user experience by introducing subtitles for our demo videos in Irish, Welsh, Persian, Malay, and Esperanto, further catering to our diverse global audience.

Introducing Automation Workshop 7.0: Enhance Your Automated Workflows with Advanced Service & App Management Tools

Automation Workshop, the leading no-code automation tool for Windows, is proud to announce the release of version 7. This update brings a wide array of new features and improvements, focusing on Windows service and app management. With 8 new Actions and numerous fixes and enhancements, Automation Workshop v7 is designed to optimize your automation workflows and help you manage your Windows applications, background processes, and services more effectively and in a fully automated manner.

Automation Workshop v7

Version 7 introduces 4 powerful new Actions for working with Windows services and drivers (kernel and file system). These new Actions include Tweak Service, Service Information, If Service, and Wait for Service, enabling you to adjust service startup types, retrieve essential service details, and execute Actions based on specific service states. These new Actions offer greater control and flexibility when automating your Windows services and drivers management.

Wait for Service Action in v7

In addition to the service management, we have added 4 new Actions for automated application and background process management. Tweak App allows you to fine-tune CPU affinity, App Information enables you to collect information about running applications/processes, If App and Wait for App executes different sections of a workflow depending on whether a specific program is running or not. These new Actions help you achieve peak performance and streamline your automated workflows.

Tweak App in v7

Automation Workshop v7 also includes a lot of significant fixes, for instance, improved memory usage and better error handling. User experience remains a priority for us and we have made many UI refinements and improvements based on your feedback. These fixes ensure a more stable and excellent experience for all users.

Experience the power and flexibility of Automation Workshop by downloading the free trial version now! View the complete changelog and easy to follow video tutorials.

Automation Workshop v6.5 introduces the App and Service Watcher Triggers

Automation Workshop, the powerful no-code automation tool for Windows, has just released a new version 6.5.0. This update brings a lot of new features and improvements, including the ability to monitor Windows services, apps, and background processes in real-time with the new Service Monitor and Process & App Monitor Triggers.

Process and App Monitor

Additionally, the update includes 5 new Actions to manage apps and services, such as the ability to start, stop, and maintain services, as well as the ability to terminate apps and retrieve information about running applications. Other improvements include better handling of FTP and Cloud Triggers, improved networking engine and a lot of visual enhancements.

Start & Stop Service

The new version also includes various fixes, such as the Locate Task functionality now works consistently. Visit our website for the detailed list of changes.

Overall, this update brings many new capabilities and improvements that will help you streamline your automation tasks/workflows and manage your Windows applications and services more efficiently, and in an unattended manner.

Download the free trial version now!

Localization is moving forward—3 new translations added

With the release of Automation Workshop v6.5, we just added support for 3 new languages on our website. Dutch, Swedish, and Hindi are now available, bringing the total number of supported languages to 17. Users from more countries will be able to access the website in their preferred language. We are planning to add more languages in the future, so stay tuned!


We understand the significance of software that meets your requirements. By combining an attractive interface and advanced technology, we aim to provide no-code automation solutions for Windows that are both user-friendly and efficient in delivering results.

After many years of hard work and a lot of releases, Automation Workshop has been downloaded 2,000,000 times. We are grateful for the support and dedication of our users for making Automation Workshop a success. Thank you!