PowerShell script to send email with attachment

How to start PowerShell? We are going to use the PowerShell console to send an email message with attachments. First, open the PowerShell window from the Start Menu. Type PowerShell and click on the app. How to send email from PowerShell? The following script allows you to send an email message using PowerShell. It uses, […]

Meet Febooti, Ltd. in many languages

We have started localizing our main website febooti.com, and your feedback is very welcome. We have begun with a few pages, and if everything goes well a lot more will follow. Internationalization and localization or i18n for short is not a trivial task. Besides translating just some sentences, there are very many differences between languages. For example: punctuation characters, spacing […]

Alternative to Solarwinds FTP Voyager JV (serv-u) automation of FTP, SFTP, and FTPS

FTP Voyager JV is an FTP client developed by Solarwinds Inc. It has some basic automation attempts using its built-in Task Scheduler, however as they write in their documentation, there are some severe limitations. Below are citations from the Solarwinds documentation: it is designed to work with  “low to medium” volume sites; it supports fewer than 100 […]

Automation Workshop v4.5 released

We heard your feedback and we’re taking action! We have added your long awaited subscription plans. Now you can split payments to smaller ones: monthly or quarterly. The new subscriptions come with great benefits. Once subscribed, you will have free minor and major updates available without any additional fees. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime […]

Automation Workshop v4.0 introduces FTP & Cloud actions

Automation Workshop 4th version is another major milestone that brings a completely redesigned user interface along with new cloud actions and triggers. As Windows 7 EOL is approaching rapidly, we have aligned the user experience to the new UI paradigm that matches Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 user experience. While the new interface looks […]

Automation Workshop just passed 1,000,000 (one million) downloads

It was just four years ago when we launched freeware version of Automation Workshop and at that moment the download count of commercial version passed over 300,000 mark. Today Automation Workshop passed one million downloads (Free+Commercial). That’s about 700,000 downloads in 4 years. We are very excited about accelerated growth of our flagship product. It […]

New release – Command line email v6.0 – still easiest way to send emails from your Windows scripts

New release – Command line email v6.0 – still easiest way to send emails from your Windows scripts. Now fully compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 all editions (Standard, Datacenter, Web, etc.). The release includes some security improvements and other tweaks. More detailed info available in the release notes. Example syntax for sending […]