Automation Workshop v3.0.0 is available for download

Automation Workshop v3 actions

We have just released Automation Workshop v3.0.0 which introduces 18 new actions in three categories – addition to the File / Folder category, as well as brand new – Loops and Text categories. Long requested actions for text string manipulations and loops are finally there. Now it is possible to use custom named variables and tokens from Split text action. This release also focuses on many improvements and a few bug-fixes. Read detailed information in Release notes for v3.0.0.

Here is a screenshot from Split text action, that is very handy when extracting data from CSV (comma-separated values) files, or when need to get values embedded into filenames.

Split text actions into named tokens
Split text actions into named tokens

Some more highlights below…

Find / Replace test strings with Regular Expressions
Find / Replace test strings with Regular Expressions
Variable Wizard features a new Variables category
Variable Wizard features a new Variables category
A new task examples for latest actions
A new task examples for latest actions

New release – Command line email v6.0 – still easiest way to send emails from your Windows scripts

New release – Command line email v6.0 – still easiest way to send emails from your Windows scripts. Now fully compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 all editions (Standard, Datacenter, Web, etc.). The release includes some security improvements and other tweaks. More detailed info available in the release notes.

Example syntax for sending emails using Gmail SMTP server. No need for your company or ISP email server.

febootimail -SUBJECT Sending CLE email using Gmail -SERVER -SSL -AUTH PLAIN -USER -PASS *********** -FROM -TO -TEXT This email is sent via Gmail's email server. It is easy and secure!

Latest version v6.0 – Free download

Hex Editor and Hash & CRC now works on Windows 10


We have just released two compatibility releases — one for Hex Editor and one for Hash / check-sum calculator. Now both are compatible with Microsoft newest operating system — Windows 10. And we have fixed one nasty bug in Hex Editor 64-bit version. It seems that Microsoft has begun using a new memory randomization algorithm, and Hex Editor crashed a lot on Windows 10 64-bit due to incorrect casting bug (truncated pointer).

COM Surrogate has stopped working, Windows 10
COM Surrogate has stopped working, Windows 10

[Window Title]
COM Surrogate

[Main Instruction]
COM Surrogate has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

[Close program]

Latest releases available for Download from

Some screenshots in the gallery below…

Automation Workshop, Update to v2.3.0 available now


We have just released a new version of Automation Workshop with some minor updates and two new Actions. Also, File / Folder Watcher now supports Old filename (name before file was renamed) via Variable Wizard. Read full change log here.

This version adds two new Wait actions. Wait for file and Wait for time. See the screenshots below. Also, improvements for the PowerShell scripts – it is not necessary to change Execution Policy to run PowerShell scripts from the Automation Workshop, Execute Script action.

Wait for time
Wait for time
Wait for file
Wait for file

Download new version from Downloads.

Freeware edition of the Automation Workshop is available


Today (Aug 13, 2014) we are proud to announce the release of free edition of our flagship software product – Automation Workshop. We believe that our step will attract much more attention, and to not confuse commercial and freeware communities, we have created dedicated website for it. is a new official home for Automation Workshop Free Edition.

When you visit, the first thing you notice is the counter, besides that it is very beautiful site with very pleasant typography. The counter does not show zero as you have expected for the software that has just been released. It shows a little more than 300,000 downloads.


The count comes from all Automation Workshop downloads, not just these of Freeware kind. We celebrated 100,000 downloads a little more than two years ago. Also, the version number is not v1.0, but the same as for commercial version – v2.1.0. File is signed with cryptographic certificate and some popular cryptographic hash check-sums are provided. The official download page is here.

For more screenshots, visit the screenshot section.

Automation Workshop Free Edition works on all Microsoft Windows versions including Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Servers 2003, 2008, 2012.

What’s next? Get involved! Here are some ideas on how you can help us to spread the word about this awesome piece of software.

Automation Workshop v2.0 released

Automation Workshop v2

After more than a year of development we are proud to announce release of a new major Automation Workshop version — v2.0.0. This release introduces two new action categories — Compare and Flow. From now on it is easier than ever to create tasks, that have easy to use comparison logic included right into the task without writing a single line of code. You can use comparison actions to check for file / folder existence with various options, such as, folder is empty, file is accessible, and much more. Also, you can use generic IF, that supports various data types out of the box, for example, strings (text starts with, text ends with, text contains, etc.), numbers (equal, grater than, less than, etc.), and even PCRE compatible Regular Expressions for advanced users.

IF file action
IF file action
IF folder action
IF folder action

Read more about conditional branching: action flow explained.

If you are one of Automation Workshop users that has many tasks in multiple folders, then you can take advantage of Task Finder — a new tool that allows you to quickly find task by name, trigger/action count, and more.

Version 2.0 is fully compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, and also introduces a numerous bug-fixes and improvements.

Use links below to check out new features, and download the latest version!