Automation Workshop v8.0 is available

Automation Workshop v8.0.0 is now available for download. This major release includes:

  • Performance Profiles
  • Ensure Remote Directory Action
  • Initial support for Windows Server 2025
  • And much more… view the complete version history.

Performance Profiles
Performance Profiles allow you to optimize the performance of your resource-intensive workflows. Conversely, when an automated Task needs to run in the background, you can select the lowest profile to minimize system resource usage. Performance Profiles adjust CPU, disk, and memory priorities for your workflows.

Ensure Remote Directory Action
Version 8 introduces the Ensure Remote Directory Action, which combines the functionality of the If Remote Directory, Create Remote Directory, and Remove Remote Directory Actions into a single Action. This Action ensures that a directory exists or is absent on a remote FTP or cloud server and can clear the directory by removing any files or subdirectories.

Additional Enhancements
This major update also includes numerous bug fixes, such as distinguishing between local and domain usernames, correctly handling leap day (February 29), and improved whitespace trimming.

The Automation Workshop Agent has been refined to address edge cases in the Windows shell where a tray icon could temporarily block automated Tasks. We have also enhanced the search feature across the website and Automation Workshop suite, allowing you to quickly find your Task files and articles both locally and online.

With over 50 significant improvements, not including smaller tweaks, this update ensures a more efficient and reliable automation experience. Download Automation Workshop from our website and upgrade today!