Redefining Efficiency: Discover What’s New in Automation Workshop v7.5.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of version 7.5 of our Automation Workshop. This update is packed with new features, fixes, and improvements, all designed to streamline your experience and enhance productivity.

What’s New?

Folder Actions Redefined: Discover the convenience of our new Folder Actions – Ensure Folder and Wait for Folder. The Ensure Folder Action is a game-changer, combining the functionalities of creating, removing, and checking folders into one seamless Action. The Wait for Folder Action expands your possibilities, allowing conditional waits for folders on both local drives and network shares.
Multi-triggering and Remote Trigger Manager: We’ve introduced a multi-triggering feature for a more intuitive Variable Wizard experience, making variable data access as easy as with individual Triggers. The Remote Trigger Manager is another highlight, offering a comprehensive view of Triggers (with execution dates and detailed information) on your remote machines.

Key Fixes

We’ve made significant fixes to ensure consistent behavior of Tasks with multiple Task Scheduler Triggers. Large file handling in the Synchronize Folders Action is now more accurate for files that are larger than 4GB. Additionally, various text-related Actions and the Terminate App Action have seen improvements for smoother operation.

User Interface and Service Enhancements

  • The Automation Workshop interface has undergone impactful changes for a more user-friendly experience. Remote Log Manager is now conveniently located in the Remote Tools menu, and the Task Wizard now offers a flicker-free experience on slower servers.
  • We’ve strengthened our Service engine, addressing potential numerical overflows and ensuring compatibility with previous versions. This means smoother transitions and consistent functionality, even when downgrading.
  • The Trigger and Queue Managers now provide more detailed insights, enhancing your monitoring capabilities. Our workflow canvas (Actions tab) has also seen significant upgrades, with a revamped context menu and new viewing options for a more efficient workflow management.
  • The update also includes numerous refinements in Actions, Variable Wizard adjustments, and UI/UX improvements. We’ve also made changes to the Remove Partial Text Action for better clarity.
  • And much more…

We are always committed to delivering software that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Upgrade to version 7.5 and experience these fantastic new features and improvements firsthand!