Meet Febooti, Ltd. in many languages

We have started localizing our main website, and your feedback is very welcome. We have begun with a few pages, and if everything goes well a lot more will follow. Internationalization and localization or i18n for short is not a trivial task. Besides translating just some sentences, there are very many differences between languages. For example: punctuation characters, spacing between words and their punctuation symbols, date/time formats, number formatting, various text lengths, etc. The last is particularly interesting, because the layout of a website or an app usually has some limited space for a particular navigation item, and it can not be easily stretched to fit the translation that is wider in some other languages.
Currently, we don’t have any translations for the right to left languages, but we are definitely looking in that direction. We have a lot of users from Arabic speaking countries, and that would benefit them greatly.
Here are some examples of already live translations: