Automation Workshop v5.5 released

We have released a new update for our flagship no-code tool for Windows—Automation Workshop v5.5. The update features a couple non-critical bug fixes, a lot of improvements, 2 new Triggers, and 3 new Actions. This is a free upgrade for all registered users. Download now!

As of today Automation Workshop supports Google Cloud Storage and DigitalOcean Spaces storage. Both clouds can be monitored using cloud watcher triggers—Google Cloud Storage Watcher and DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher. All of the cloud Actions work with these new clouds. You can automate file uploading and downloading, you can easily synchronize whole buckets/directories on the Google and DigitalOcean clouds, and a lot more.

We have also introduced an Action that can execute remote commands on SFTP servers. You asked, and we heard you! Automating your Linux/Unix servers from a GUI with a no-code tool has never been easier. The Remote SSH Command Action allows to run one or multiple SSH commands on a remote SSH server, and coupled with other Actions, such as the For Each, you can automate hundreds of Linux servers easily.

Some other notable improvements:

  • A new default view/toolbar that combines the most used items (the old toolbars are available via the customization settings)
  • A new view mode for “Actions List”
  • A password policy for AW main password
  • SHA-256 fingerprints for FTP and WebDAV servers
  • Full compatibility with Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

What’s next?